AFL Injuries and Chiropractic

Sports are an incredibly fun and competitive environment for proving your mettle against the competition. While a wonderful pastime, AFL can also be the source of all kinds of injuries that cause both acute and chronic pain. When injuries are sustained, getting professional treatment is key to preventing the issue from getting worse and ensuring recovery is as speedy as possible.

The key to a speedy recovery is identifying the specific issue that the athlete has encountered and developing a treatment plan that targets the area and injury sustained. We have compiled some data regarding common AFL injuries that both professional and enthusiast level athletes are prone to sustaining. Some of the most common AFL injuries are in the hip, groin, and thigh area. The hamstrings are especially prone to sustaining injuries during play.

Following these areas in commonality of injury occurrences, the shin, ankle, and feet are also vulnerable areas that see a lot of strain during a game and practice drills. Knee injuries are the next most common occurrence during AFL seasons and account for a large percentage of athletes missing games due to said injured area.

The majority of footy related injuries occur in the lower half of the body and specifically in joint areas. There are all kinds of sensitive ligaments and tendons in these areas that are prone to stretching and sometimes tearing. Regular maintenance will help to prevent serious damage from occurring and will also help to reduce pain and discomfort.

Treatments for Footy Related Injuries

There are numerous ways for treating pain and injuries sustained during footy games and practices. Icing and heating are a great way to help relieve pain and also deal with swelling that can occur from acute injuries and overuse wear and tear. Strapping is also an effective method for treating troublesome areas. Massage helps to break up the fascia that can wrap muscles, tendons, and ligaments in painful and binding ways. Taking care of your joints and tissues is key to maintaining top performance of your body.

Treatments help to reduce pain, improve mobility, and prevent further injury from occurring due to neglect and further mistreatment of your body. Adjustments can also help to release painful issues and fix problems with mobility in order to restore full function of your body, so you’re ready to get back out on the field to play the game you love as quickly as possible. Footy injuries can take weeks to recover from, but recovery exercise regiments can help speed up the recovery process and make sure you come back stronger and ready to take on anyone afterwards.

Perth Chiro Centre employs evidence-based practices that help relieve pain and prevent further injury from occurring. With a long history of taking care of our patients, we take pride in the services we offer to our community. It’s best to use preventative measures whenever possible in order to avoid annoyances from turning into more serious injuries. Perth Chiro Centre help provide chiropractic services that can get athletes back in the game and functioning at 100%.

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