Avoiding Common Christmas Injuries

Christmas is just around the corner and so might also be an injury just waiting to happen. While the holiday season is a time of celebration, it can also be a period of long, stressful days filled with activities your body isn’t accustomed to. There are a lot of ways to hurt yourself during the holidays, and we’ve put this article together to help you avoid some of the common ways Christmas can get you down. After all, your health is the most valuable gift you can give yourself in any season of the year!

In order to keep yourself happy and healthy, avoid some of the following common causes of Christmas injuries.

Too Much Sitting

Long periods of stationary sitting can actually cause a lot of damage to your body in various ways. The human body wasn’t really designed to sit in a chair and, because of that, the act of sitting for long periods of time can cause painful aggravation of sensitive areas in your spine. Sitting for long periods of time can often be tough to avoid during the holiday season due to bouts of travel in planes and various automobiles.

It’s best to remember to get up and stretch regularly during any periods of long sitting or on long car or train trips. Stretching is incredibly useful for pain and injury treatment and prevention for injuries of all sorts, and this is especially true for stress injuries that can occur from long periods of inactivity. Chronic back pain can put a real damper on the festive holidays, so make sure you take care of your spine and remain active throughout the season.

Heavy Lifting

The holiday season tends to be one with a fair bit of hauling involved due to all the present toting and grocery shopping that occurs during this time. Whether you find yourself lifting boxes of decorations or hauling a tree, make sure you practice safe lifting techniques and give yourself ample breaks to prevent fatigue from causing you to slip or drop your packages. Make sure you pay attention to the signals your body is sending you, so you avoid overdoing it and causing injury to yourself.

Lack of Sleep

Sleep is an incredibly important part of living a healthy life. Lack of sleep can wreak all sorts of havoc on your body and your mind alike. During deep sleep is when hormones are released that provide healing and restoration for your body. Make sure you are getting plenty of quality sleep over the holidays in order to keep you in fighting spirits for the festive season.

If you do find yourself suffering from any pain or injuries, Perth Chiro Centre is here to help you in your time of need. We have been proudly serving our community for many years now and employ expertly trained staff ready to tackle any problem areas you might develop over the holidays. Remember to always take care of yourself and avoid overdoing it. Perth Chiro Centre wishes you a wonderful holiday season.


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