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Pregnancy Chiropractor

During pregnancy, the demands on posture can heighten, leading to increased strain on the spine for expectant mothers. Research indicates that as many as 76% of pregnant women may encounter varying degrees of back discomfort during this period.


Primarily felt in the lower back (lumbar) area, the strain can extend to the mid-back (thoracic) region, particularly as the breasts undergo size changes. These discomforts arise from necessary postural adjustments required during pregnancy.


As the abdomen expands in size and weight, mothers often compensate by leaning backward or arching, aiming to maintain balance and stability. However, this alteration in gravitational alignment exerts added pressure on the pelvis and lumbar region, leading to a spectrum of pain from mild to severe.

At Perth Chiro Centre  – Your Warwick Chiropractor we treat patients who suffer from musculoskeletal problems associated with pregnancy. Lower back pain is the most common side effect of postural changes during pregnancy. In our clinic, we recommend spinal check-up as soon as these symptoms arise.

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