The Aging Spine

A normal part of aging process involves the deterioration of tissues, especially those of the spine. This deterioration occurs with all individuals over time. The degree of the deterioration varies from individual to individual. The reasons for this we are not fully clear, however, it seems that a history of spinal stress and abuse (such as years of hard labour/ wear and tear or years of prolonged sitting) accelerates this deterioration process.

What Benefits Does Chiropractic Care Provide For The Maturing Adult?

Chiropractic care has a number of benefits which are especially important for maturing adults:

  • spinal and extremity pain relief
  • decreased stiffness and muscular spasms
  • increased mobility and range of motion
  • decreased tissue inflammation
  • increased joint function

Chiropractic treatments maintain motion and function of joints of the spine. Our treatments maintain spinal biomechanics to minimize the stresses associated with the degenerative changes that occur with age. Your spine can be viewed much like any other moving structure in that the better you treat and maintain it, the longer it will freely operate problem free; if you abuse it or don’t properly maintain it, it will wear out and break down.


What Treatment Options are Available?

The range of treatment options available at Perth Chiro Centre that are used in the development of a management plan for your condition includes;

  • Spinal and/ or Limb Manipulation.
  • Spinal and/ or Limb Mobilization.
  • Soft Tissue Therapy (e.g. Trigger Point Massage, Cross Frictional Massage, Graston Technique, Muscle Release Technique, Dry needling and Stretching).
  • Traction and Limited Traction Device known as Flexion Distraction.
  • Active Care (Supervised Rehabilitation Exercise Programs, Home Exercises).
  • Physical Rehabilitation and Advice.
  • Referral to appropriate healthcare professionals for further investigations or co management as deemed appropriate.

Perth Chiro Centre is here to help you by providing you and your family with the very best in chiropractic care.


Why Us?

  • We are honest and Genuinely CARE about you and your problem
  • We are good at what we do!!!
  • We do after work hours appointments
  • Our fundamental goal is to alleviate your symptoms in minimal visits
  • We work with network of GPs and Surgeons and can bounce ideas between our network and work out what is best for our patients
  • We have HICAPS facilities so private health claims can be made instantly
  • “No Wait Policy”. All of our patients are seen immediately we don’t over schedule appointments so there is no lengthy wait in waiting room.
  • Friendly and courteous staff.
  • We are honest and evidence based
  • We do not over service
  • X Rays are only taken if actually required. We don’t x ray every patient and use the x ray as a tool to scare patients into lengthy treatment schedules.
  • We use Xrays to rule out pathology and arthritic problems. We don’t use them to look at postural stances.
  • Professional but comfortable atmosphere.
  • We have easy parking at the door
  • Large private treatment rooms.
  • Convenient location.
  • Secondary evaluations/opinions.
  • M.D. and attorney referrals.


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