Kicking Goals For Your Spinal Health

Keeping your back healthy is an exercise that should be practiced daily. As we approach the Australian footy season, it’s essential to practice habits that promote good spine health.

The sport season is a cooler time for Australia, and many people will spend time either indoors or outdoors watching events, unless you’re a player of course. If you are a spectator, you’re going to spend a lot of time sitting down. Take note of the tips below to keep your back healthy while you’re enjoying the sports season.


Watching footy, rugby, soccer, and netball all involve long hours of sitting down. Sitting down for long periods creates pressure on your lower back. A lot of pressure on your lower back can be dangerous for your spine, and it can lead to severe back problems. Below are healthy habits for your spine as you enjoy the game from the comfort of your couch or in the stadium.

  1. Posture – Learn to sit like a model with your back straight. Good posture is highly recommended by experts to promote spine health. Sitting comfortably with your shoulders back, your head straight, and your buttocks touching the back of your chair is not easy for long periods. Luckily, with more practice, it will become normal for you. Remember to relax your muscles as you practice this.
  2. Take breaks – Instead of slamming the remote on the table expressing your frustration at the game during half-time, we suggest that you take a walk. It’s also advisable to do some light stretches.
  3. Sit less and do more – Not all of us are good at multitasking, but when you can, you should attempt some chores like ironing or folding clothes to distract yourself from a terrible game.


Exercising is considered healthy for your body, including your back. If you’re a player, then exercise is a huge part of your daily routine regardless of whether you are playing locally or professionally. Exercise is an excellent method of keeping your spine healthy. It’s also one way to injure your spine and other parts of your body if you’re not careful. Here are some steps you can take to maintain a healthy spine.

  1. Stretch and warm-up – This prepares your muscles for physical activity, and it helps to prevent injuries. It also improves blood circulation and helps to loosen the joints.
  2. Protective gear – Most sports require appropriate equipment to protect parts of your body that are likely to be harmed. Protective gear is a must.
  3. Drink lots of water – It’s important to stay hydrated in between activities during and after the game. During water breaks, you also allow your body to rest and recover before you go back to the field.

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