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Want to enjoy life without pain?
We are focused on finding the cause of your discomfort and alleviating it for good which allows you to enjoy the healthy and vibrant life you desire.
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Want to enjoy life without pain?
We are focused on finding the cause of your discomfort and alleviating it for good which allows you to enjoy the healthy and vibrant life you desire.
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Want to enjoy life without pain?
We are focused on finding the cause of your discomfort and alleviating it for good which allows you to enjoy the healthy and vibrant life you desire.

Chiropractor Perth

If you live in Perth, WA, or any of it’s neighbourhoods and you struggle any musculoskeletal pain (including back pain, neck pain, lower back pain, headaches, mid back pain, sciatica) we may be able to help you. Musculoskeletal pains can often affect office workers, or if you have suffered an injury, you should consider chiropractic care. Finding the best Perth chiropractor for your specific needs might prove to be a daunting task since there are many chiropractic websites.

Perth Chiro Centre is the chiropractor Perth trusts. Serving Perth, WA, we offer innovative chiropractic practice.

The Professional Chiro Perth Trusts

Helping people since 2006, Perth Chiro Centre offers chiropractic services by following modern and patient-oriented care. Our chiropractor has over 17 years clinical experience and is ready to help you today.

Woman in a chiropractic clinic because of neck pain


Perth Chiro Centre chiropractors will provide you and your family with an adequate treatment plan based on the individual conditions. Our whole goal is to help you help yourself and implement effective pain management strategies.

Chiro Perth

Another reason for which we are the chiropractor Perth trusts is the quality of our chiropractor services and treatments. We take a holistic approach and use only safe and natural chiropractic treatment options for pain relief based on your personal medical information. Our chiropractic techniques are non-invasive and drug-free, and the treatment plans may include the following:

  • Spinal and/or Limb Manipulation.
  • Spinal and/or Limb Mobilisation.
  • Soft Tissue Therapy (e.g. Trigger Point Massage, Cross Frictional Massage, Graston Technique, Muscle Release Technique, Dry needling, and Stretching).
  • Traction and Limited Traction Device (also known as Flexion-Distraction).
  • Active supervision (Supervised Rehabilitation Exercise Programs, Home Exercises).
  • Physical Rehabilitation.
  • Referral to appropriate healthcare professionals for necessary treatments or co-management as deemed appropriate.
  • We also offer other chiropractic treatments such as Graston Technique and Skin Dry Needling. Our skin needling technique, also known as Myofascial Dry Needling, is a popular soft tissue therapy that can relieve pain in the symptomatic muscle area.


Perth Chiro Centre operates from its convenient Warwick location Just off the Warwick road exit of the freeway. Perth Chiro Centre Warwick takes care of Perth suburbs and towns:

Perth Chiro Centre Warwick Clinic location is easy to access from Perth, WA neighbourhoods and localities. Conveniently placed, this location is the perfect choice for any patient in Perth, WA looking for a chiropractic assessment.

Why Choose Us as Your Chiro in Perth?

Perth Chiro Centre stresses the importance of reducing your back pain and improving your mobility and health to live a more active and healthy lifestyle. Our team of Perth chiropractic specialists provides pain relief and prevention for many types of sports injuries, pain, and musculoskeletal conditions, including back pain, tennis elbow, joint pain, nervous system affecting pain, and muscle tightening.

Helping patients to reach their health goals and to unleash the full health potential are two of the top reasons that our team is the chiropractor Perth trusts.

Other reasons for which our chiropractors are the first choice for Perth inhabitants are:

Chiropractor Perth - Kid holding parent's hand going to Perth Chiropractic Care for Kids clinic

We are good at what we do

We are honest and genuinely care about you and your musculoskeletal concerns. The health services we provide are patient-centred and evidence-based so you have nothing to worry about.

We do after work hour appointments

Our fundamental goal is to alleviate your symptoms in minimal visits. We perform the adjustments in such a manner that will improve your mobility and posture, and ultimately, your life quality.

We do not over-schedule appointments, there is no lengthy wait.

X-rays are only taken if required

We don’t require every patient to undergo X-rays. We use X-rays to rule out pathology and arthritic problems and not use them to look at postural positioning.

Comfortable clinics with plenty of parking

Our clinics maintain a professional but comfortable atmosphere and you don’t have to worry about the availability of parking spots!

Perth Chiro Centre provides chiropractic care at a competitive price, and we are open 5 days a week with after-work hour appointments available.

We welcome you to please call us or book an online appointment. We look forward to your visit!

Perth Chiro Centre – Rebates Available For Your Chiro Appointment

HICAPS facilities are available. Most WA private health insurance companies offer rebates for chiropractic services. These can be claimed on the spot with HICAPS.

Please check with your health fund for further information.

FAQs about Chiropractor Perth

Initial consult fees are $117 for concession and $127 for non concession.

Initial consult includes a thorough history, physical exam and treatment on the same appointment (if it is safe to do so on the initial visit).

If x rays are required these will be referred out to a bulk billing radiology group.

Any follow up visits / standard consults are $77 for concession and $87 for non concession.

Yes, eligible patients are able to claim up to 5 visits per year for chiropractic and other allied health care services. In case you have one or more chronic diseases, your GP starts preparing the management plan and passes it over to your chiropractor.

Once the GP referral is obtained, you can claim the Medicare benefits.

Anyone can benefit from chiropractic adjustments. However, the results differ from one individual to another. Different researches and studies have shown that chiropractic care has many benefits and improves health and life quality.

Always check with your GP whether you are eligible for chiropractic treatment because chiropractic adjustments are safe when they are performed by an experienced and licensed healthcare practitioner.