Are Your Smart Devices Causing Neck Pain?

As more and more smart devices such as watches, tablets, and scanners become available on the market, it isn’t surprising that increased usage is putting a strain on more than just our eyesight.

Apple released a new feature recently that tracks screen time, including daily averages and stats. Ernst & Young found that averaging 10 hours every day with mobile devices is the norm, while another source found that the vast majority of Australians check their devices within the first five minutes of waking. The study went on divulge that 70% of users are on mobile devices during mealtimes, even when sharing a meal with others. Having the world at our fingertips is beginning to put a heavy strain on our bodies.

The posture that the average user assumes while browsing mobile devices includes a hunched position that places unprecedented strain on the neck’s bone and joints. It’s no surprise that this leads to neck pain and strain. Half of all mobile users should expect to experience neck pain in their lifetime.

Mobile use neck injury is frequent enough to have been awarded its own term, “Text Neck.” The injury specifically comes from the pressure placed on both your neck and spine while looking down at a device.

While reducing screen time can help, there are small ergonomic changes that can make a big difference. Reducing neck pain alone can create a huge improvement in overall well being. While it may not seem like much now, poor posture will set you up for hefty bills later in life. Follow these guidelines for smart mobile device usage and to reduce the risk of future neck pain:

  • Change your eye level – bringing the device level with your eyeline reduces the angle of your neck, in turn reducing the pressure on it. This is especially important for longer browsing or research sessions.
  • Eyes off – take breaks from your device. For example, avoid using your phone while commuting and eating.
  • Socialize – eye contact is one of the most important factors during interviews but is also crucial for maintaining friendships and bonds with loved ones. Implement phone-free dinners and outings.
  • Regular exercise – prime your heart and spine with regular movement. Healthy joints and muscles aid with proper posture.

When to schedule an appointment with Perth Chiro Centre

When stretching and heating pads no longer alleviate strain and pressure from mobile device usage, don’t live with the pain. At the Perth Chiro Centre, we have two offices to choose from and after-office hours are available. We understand that everyone has a busy lifestyle, which is why we try to be as flexible as possible when it comes to getting help for your neck and back pain solutions. We can tailor your stretch routine to your pain and recommend other techniques.

Your pain level, location, and history will help us provide a custom plan to get back your full range of motion. We can provide mixed treatments, referrals, and a scheduled program with pain level goals. Chiropractic treatment for neck pain at Perth Chiro Centre can involve manipulation, mobilisation, therapy, flexion distraction, active care, and rehabilitation. There is no need to wake up every day in dread at the level of pain you are likely to face, so call our friendly customer service team today and take the first step to a future with less pain.